Research & Social Media Techniques for Investigators

June 22, 2018
9am - 4pm
FOP Lodge #5, 11630 Caroline Road, Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA), in partnership with the PA Auto Crimes Investigators Association (PACIA), will conduct a training program on Research and Social Media Techniques. This program will feature classroom instruction by Joe Stephenson, Managing Director of SIU for Hagerty Insurance. Coffee breaks and lunch will be provided.

This presentation provides the investigator with information on how to better secure results from the Internet and social media platforms to gain relevant information in less time. We will discuss Google internal functions, the use of ‘operators’ in a Google search, and how to use Google to access social media content, including cross content postings – all without needing login information.

Learn how to locate, identify and then extract information from various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. An emphasis will be placed on Facebook, with instruction on how to find so-called hidden data from seemingly private profiles, as well as an introduction into URL manipulation and learning how to locate profiles using non-traditional information (such as age, gender, profession, and likes).

How to create a covert profile will be discussed, as well as image metadata and mapping analysis. We will explore a number of free third party websites that will assist you in refining data, building link analysis, and more.

Limited to 150 training slots available on a first come, first accepted basis
NO fee for this training
Municipal officers will earn 6 MPOETC CLEE credits for completing this program. Attendees who are not currently members of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI), will be eligible for a FREE one (1) year membership upon completion of the course.
Deadline to register: Friday, June 15, 2018

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