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Why you should care about auto theft

  • When cars are stolen, insurance rates go up and we all pay the price.

  • Stolen vehicles are often used to commit other violent crimes that impact your neighborhood, your community.

  • If your car is stolen, your daily routine quickly comes to a halt. How will you get to work?

  • Paying a deductible or trying to replace your car takes time and money.

  • Identity theft. If you left mail, bills, car registration, work files, or other sensitive information in your car, you have now also made yourself a possible victim of identity theft.

  • Did you leave your house keys or garage door opener in the car? A thief now has access to your home.

puff·er  ˈpəfər/  noun
1. A car left unlocked, running and unattended. Puffers are quickly and easily stolen. Join the campaign. #NoPuffers View our Puffer video!

Top 10 Stolen Cars in PA*

Most stolen cars are older, common models. These car parts are harder to find, which makes them more expensive—and more lucrative for thieves to find, steal, and sell. A car worth $3,000 is often worth $5,000 to a chop shop.

  • 1

    Honda Accord


  • 2

    Nissan Altima


  • 3

    Honda Civic


  • 4

    Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)


  • 5

    Toyota Camry


  • 6

    Toyota Corolla


  • 7

    Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee & Chevrolet Malibu

    2015 Cherokee & 2020/2013 Malibu

  • 8

    Hyundai Elantra


  • 9

    Honda CR - V


  • 10

    Hyundai Sonata


  • What is ATPA?

    The Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA) is a statewide network of nearly 100 highly skilled police officers, state troopers, detectives, prosecutors, paralegals, and support staff. The Authority is governed by a board of directors, and operated by an executive director and grants analyst.

  • ATPA Funding

    ATPA does not use tax dollars. Funding comes from an annual assessment of nearly 300 insurance companies that conduct business in Pennsylvania. Through this funding, ATPA awards grants to investigative and/or prosecutorial units and prevention programs.

  • row of cars on suburban street

    ATPA's Impact

    Since 1994, ATPA grantees have recovered stolen vehicles and parts worth $900 million, with theft rates in Pennsylvania dropping by more than 37%.

  • You Can Help

    Nearly 50% of the state's stolen cars were left unlocked by their owners. The single most important prevention tool is to lock your car and take their keys. Deter thieves by removing or hiding any valuables in the car. Think it will never happen to you? Neither did the thousands of victims who had their car stolen in Pennsylvania last year.

What to do if your car is stolen

  1. Call your local police department. Confirm your car has not been towed or impounded.
  2. Gather your car's VIN (vehicle identification number), make, model, color, any distinguishing marks or features, any pictures you may have of your car, and your insurance information.
  3. Report your car stolen to your police department, insurance company, and financing/leasing company.

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* Source: NICB Hot Wheels Report 2021