FREE VINetching — Philadelphia

May 04, 2018
10am - 2pm
Rite Aid parking lot, 57th St. & Chestnut St.

The 18th Police District would like to cordially invite the members of our community to participate in our upcoming crime prevention event.  Our goal is to spread awareness and participation of the below listed programs that will help combat property related crimes in our community. ALL PROGRAMS ARE FREE TO THE PUBLIC. 

OPERATION I.D. is a Property Identification Program developed to aid in the prevention of crime and identification of personal property in the event that it is lost or stolen (e.g. cell phones, computers televisions, GPS, DVD headrests, car stereos, etc.).

The B.O.N.D. [Business Owner Notification Decal] Program is a program that registers local business owners with the police department in the event of a burglary or other emergency and ensures the owner is contacted immediately.

The S.A.V.E. [Stolen Auto Verification Effort] Program is an effort in which citizens register their vehicles with the police department for the application of a special decal to their car window. Enrollment in the program permits officers to stop their vehicles and conduct an ownership investigation when the vehicle is being operated on the streets of Philadelphia between the hours of 12:00AM and 6:00AM, Seven days a week.

VIN ETCHING [Vehicle Identification Number Engraving] is an effort to prevent theft of vehicles and theft of glass parts from vehicles in which the VIN is professionally etched on the car windows. Etching can be done on side mirrors and on some headlights.


All are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in all or some of the programs. They are very effective and help us (the police department) help you. There will be other crime prevention info available at this event.


For more information contact: Police Officer Jean Coriolan or Police Officer Mike Davis 215-686-3180 or 215-686-3268 or email:

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