2016 Statewide Puffer Campaign — Join Us

February 01, 2016 – February 29, 2016

In February 2016, the Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority, its grantees, and law enforcement partners launched a statewide campaign to raise awareness about “puffers.” A puffer is a car left running, unattended, and unlocked. Puffers are left to warm up in the winter, cool down in the summer, and routinely left in parking lots when drivers “just run in” to get a cup of coffee, pick up a pizza, or run another errand.

Drivers need to know leaving their cars “puffing” increases the likelihood of theft and is illegal on public roads in Pennsylvania.

ATPA is distributing posters and ice scrapers to law enforcement agencies willing to distribute them. For more information, please contact Steve Wheeler at or Amanda Owens at


To cover a story about puffers please view our Media Kit:

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