Think you couldn’t be the victim of auto theft? Think again.

Lock your car. Take your keys. Every time. 

  • Auto theft is a low-risk crime with a high reward. Older, more common models are often the most lucrative as scrap metals or for their highly sought-after parts. 
  • Stolen cars are often used to commit other, often violent, crimes. 
  • 2020 data reveals that auto theft increased as stay-at-home guidance was implemented due to COVID-19.

Economic pressure and boredom lead to rise in auto theft
Recent data reveals that auto theft numbers have been on the rise since the start of stay-at-home guidance began in the Spring. Auto theft prevention units contribute this increase to economic pressures caused by the pandemic-driven recession and unemployment numbers, as well as teens making wrong decisions while bored at home. With cars being driven less frequently and people at home more often, car owners may feel a false sense of security that their car is safe considering how close it may be to home. In reality, thieves are unable to break into homes right now due to an increased chance of the resident being home, so they take advantage of your car instead. 

Older, common models are often stripped for parts 

The latest street racing or action movie would lead us to believe that only rare, luxury automobiles are stolen. In fact, older, common models are more valuable due to their otherwise difficult-to-find parts. Car thieves target certain years, makes and models which fetch the highest price. A car worth $3,000 is often worth $5,000 in chopped parts. 

Stolen cars are often used to commit other crimes

Think about what’s in your car right now; likely an insurance card, registration, personally identifiable information, house keys, computer, etc. Many of these items are key to committing other crimes such as identity theft, home break-ins and more. The automobile itself may also be used for violent crimes against other innocent people. 

Half of the cars stolen in Pennsylvania last year were left running, unlocked, unattended, or with the keys inside. Don’t be a victim of auto theft. 

Lock your car. Take your keys. Every time. 


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