Auto Theft Myths


What kind of car was it sir?

Black, it uh, it was a black Buick LeSabre. It was the only car my wife and I used.

And where was it stolen?

Just outside the grocery store! It was early evening, I don’t know, say around seven? I had parked around the side of the store as I usually try to do. It’s a little darker there…no lights, but it is a lot closer to the door and easier to carry the bags, you know.

Did you get a look at the thieves?

Oh, no, no. I was in the store shopping when it happened. They say nobody saw anything, I’m sure it happened very quickly. I know I hadn’t locked the car, and the sunroof was open, it was a nice day. You just never think about things like that, you know? I mean all my life I’ve never locked my car and I’ve never had any problems. Shows you what the world is like today.

Did you ever find out why it was stolen?

Yeah, the police actually found the car 3 days later way down in the city. It had been banged up in a police chase. Apparently it was stolen for drug trading; it seems it always comes back to drugs or things like that. I just never expected something like that way out here, makes you feel uneasy.

When you got it back was the damage extensive?
Was it covered by insurance?

Oh yeah, I’m all squared away with the insurance people, that’s all taken care of. But I don’t have the car back yet... they are holding it for forensic investigation, I don’t know the details. All I know is that my daughter had to take a day off to drive us into the city to file the papers and collect what was left of our things, and that wasn’t much. I can't even remember everything that was in the car, but we've had some odd phone calls recently; I am a little concerned about possible identity theft. But the car, no, we won’t see the car till after the repairs are finished, who knows when that will be.

Your daughter is still helping you out then?

No, she isn’t able to do that. We wouldn’t want her to. No, we’re getting along for now with this rental. Our insurance agent was really great, he worked a deal for us on the rental. Because of the trial and extenuating circumstances however, it isn’t covered by the insurance. This is all coming out of the savings. What a waste.

Well I hope it gets resolved for you quickly.

I just hope this case wraps up before it gets cold. We don’t usually stay up here in the winter, and I don’t want to mess with the rental down south.

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