Auto Theft Myths



I just stood there holding my coffee for like ten minutes, I couldn’t believe it. I was expecting a prankster classmate to pull back in at any second.

You were at a local gas station?

Yeah right near my house, I stop there all the time for gas, coffee, you know…simple stuff. I had filled up and then pulled around in front of the station to pay and get some coffee; I was seriously gone for like 3 minutes.

What’d you do next?

I had no idea what to do. Honestly I was thinking about my final that I was going to be late for, it was early… you know… before class. I went back in and eventually the clerk found out and called the police, the whole thing was surreal. I tried to call my dad at work, but had to leave a message for him. I felt so helpless.

Did the police think the vehicle was stolen?

Well…yeah, but the policeman finally shows up, and starts by asking questions.

“Was it locked?” He asked,

“No.” I said. I had actually left it running. “I just went in to pay and grab some coffee.”

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